Integrated Assessment axis

The Integrated Assessment axis

The scientific axis Integrated Assessment focuses on multi-criteria assessment of agricultural production systems, particularly systems that combine crops and livestock. The objectives are to:

  • evaluate the circularity of C, N, P and energy flows between crops and livestock, from the field/building to the landscape, in order to find ways to reduce emissions
  • develop integrated evaluation methods for agroecological systems
  • develop methodological innovations to study trajectories of agroecosystems.

This axis (20 people) brings together skills in environmental assessment, agronomy, zootechnics, bioclimatology.

Leaders: Olivier Godinot et Aurélie Wilfart

The CARBOSEQ project

Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of agricultural soils in Europe


The TNTBretagne2020 project

Actualisation et application régionalisée du modèle TNT2 en appui aux politiques publiques de lutte contre la pollution nitrique et ses impacts


The FAIRCHAIN project

Innovative technological, organisational and social solutions for FAIRer dairy and fruit and vegetable value CHAINs


The MILKEY project

Decision support system for sustainable and GHG optimized Milk production in Key European areas


  • 2020-2023
  • 2 216 928 €
  • Coordinator: Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (B. Amon, Coord.)
  • SAS contact: Aurélie Wilfart
  • SAS research axis: Integrated Assessment
  • Web site
  • Keywords: Dairy production, GHG mitigation, sustainability, Decision support system

The METHA-BIOSOL project

Impact of digestates on the biological quality of agricultural soils


The SEPURE project

New strategies to build and manage fish pond systems for a sustainable fish farming


The MELS project

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems



Structuring and Opening Data to Improve Sustainability of Food Systems


  • 2020-2022
  • 100 000 €
  • Coordinator: SayFood research unit (Caroline Pénicaud)
  • SAS contact: Julie Auberger
  • SAS research axis: Integrated Assessment
  • Web site
  • Keywords: Interoperability, Structuration, Accessibility, Food engineering

The AMIMA project

Assessment of environmental Monitoring methods for Integrated Management of Aquaculture in the open sea


  • 2020-2022
  • 68115
  • Coordinator: CEVA (Bertrand Jacquemin)
  • SAS contact: Christophe Jaeger
  • SAS research axis: Integrated Assessment
  • Keywords: trophic web, environmental impacts, finfish, shellfish, algae, indicators

The EIDER project

Methodology for integrated assessment of sustainability and resilience of agro-ecological dairy production systems


The CISTRUITE project

Innovative design of sustainable systems of trout production


The SIMTAP project

Self-sufficient Integrated Multi-Trophic AquaPonic systems for improving food production sustainability and brackish water use and recycling


  • 2019-2022
  • 1 450 000 €
  • Coordinator: University of Pise (Italy)
  • SAS contact: Joël Aubin
  • SAS research axes: Integrated Assessment, Design
  • Website
  • Keywords: Hydroponic; Aquaculture; Aquaponics; Environmental impact; Fish nutrition; Food safety; LCA; LCC; DSS; Emergy; Recirculating agriculture system; Renewable source of protein; Water resources management

The RESP'HAIES project

Resilience and performance of farms planting and managing hedges 


  • 2019-2022
  • Coordinator: AFAC-Agroforesterie (Baptiste Sanson)
  • SAS contact:Valérie Viaud
  • SAS research axisIntegrated Assessment
  • website
  • Keywords: agroforestry, hedges, multi-functionality, carbon storage

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