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Sols de Bretagne is a multi-partner programme initiated in 2005 that aims to develop knowledge about soil characteristics to determine their suitability for different uses and their potential regarding environmental and agronomical issues, to monitor changes in soil quality and to disseminate this knowledge.

The operational objectives of the Sols de Bretagne programme are to:

  • produce new maps and information on soils of Brittany
  • disseminate this information, available at several scales, through the online mapping tool
  • monitor long-term dynamics of soil quality in Brittany via the national network of soil quality measurements (RMQS)
  • develop operational web applications to disseminate information and help local decision makers
  • enrich data on earthworm biodiversity and agro-ecological soil management
  • produce recommendations for using these tools and training stakeholders

The data produced and made available within the framework of Sols de Bretagne provide territorial managers with relevant data for developing and implementing action plans, and scientists with access to the data needed to develop or use agronomic, hydrological and environmental simulation models.


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