The AgrHys observatory

The ORE AgrHyS observatory


The AgrHyS observatory supports work on understanding the processes of transfer, storage and transformation of water and elements (particularly C, N and P) at the scale of the catchment and elementary basin or landscape (0.1-10 km2).

AgrHyS is one of the observatories of the distributed national research infrastructure OZCAR (Observatories of the Critical Zone, Applications, Research), labelled by the Ministry of Research in 2017.

The observatory is composed of two instrumented sites: one in southern Finistère (Kerbernez site) and one in central Brittany (Kervidy-Naizin). They correspond to one or more catchment areas of Strahler order 1-2. They host long-term observations, which are performed regularly, as well as sampling campaigns and one-off experiments.

The instruments are located at two meteorological stations (INRAE AgroClim network), one of which is equipped with a flow tower (instrument park of the CRITEX EQUIPEX), 9 hydrochemical stations at the catchments’ exits, ca. 30 shallow (< 20 m) piezometers and devices for monitoring soil water (moisture profiles, water traps). The stations are equipped with a variety of sensors (e.g. water level, humidity, concentration, conductivity) and are subject to water and soil sampling campaigns. Land use and agricultural practices are recorded each year by field surveys and/or surveys of farmers.



Vues aériennes des sites AgrHyS : Kervidy-Naizin (56) (gauche) et Kerbernez (29) (droite)

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