Observation and experimentation facilities

Observation and experimentation facilities

The ICOS-Méjusseaume flux-tower

Flux tower

The ICOS Méjusseaume flux-tower site is one of approximately 20 French ecosystem sites of the European Union research infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System). It is managed scientifically and technically by the SAS unit.

The EFELE platform

Since 2012, the SAS research unit has managed the scientific and technical aspects of the EFELE experimental platform, which is part of SOERE PRO, the long-term observation and experimentation system for environmental research on organic waste products.

The AgrHyS observatory


The AgrHyS observatory supports work on understanding the processes of transfer, storage and transformation of water and elements (particularly C, N and P) at the scale of the catchment and elementary basin or landscape (0.1-10 km2).

The MEGEVE hall

The MEGEVE bioclimatological hall is an experimental platform for quantifying and understanding gas and particle emissions and heat production from animals and animal waste (e.g. driving factors, relative influence of factors) in livestock buildings.

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