The CISTRUITE project


Innovative design of sustainable systems of trout production



According to the last report of the FAO (2018), aquaculture production around the world has increased due to increased need. In France, after shellfish production, trout production is the largest aquaculture production. Nevertheless, its production volume is limited by environmental regulations, which, given the fish-farming systems available, limits the development of trout farms. Furthermore, some ingredients of the formulated feed used in fish farming, such as fishmeal and fish oil, is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Although fishmeal and fish oil are increasingly replaced with soybeans and oil from oilseed crops, doing so competes with livestock production. Thus, fish production is limited in its development by regulations on emissions to the environment and by the future ability to obtain ingredients used in formulated feeds.

The aim of this project is to design innovative sustainable systems to produce trout in light of these issues. Therefore, several systems will be developed, including prototypes that will be tested, and knowledge gaps that need to be filled in order to design these systems successfully will be identified.

The INRAE-AgroParisTech network IDEAS is involved in this project by sharing its skills and methods for organizing the design process. The process is based on meetings of innovative design that assemble individuals with complementary skills (e.g. nutrition, hydrology, territorial/circular economy, ecology, experimentation, animal production), according to the KCP method (Hooge et al., 2012) adapted to agricultural issues by Berthet et al. (2018).

SAS staff involved

Joël Aubin, Christophe Jaeger


  • INRAE UR LBE (Jean-Philippe STEYER)
  • INRAE UMR Agronomie (Marie-Hélène JEUFFROY) 

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