The ICOS flux-tower

The ICOS-Méjusseaume flux-tower

Flux tower

The ICOS Méjusseaume flux-tower site is one of approximately 20 French ecosystem sites of the European Union research infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System). It is managed scientifically and technically by the SAS unit.

The site is equipped with many high-frequency sensors (eddy covariance, meteorology, soil physics, phenocameras) to measure surface-atmosphere exchanges of CO2, water vapour, other greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants (N2O, CH4, NH3) over the long term (20 years).

The data are available online in the ICOS database. They are also submitted to the global database FLUXNET (global network of micrometeorological towers).


The equipment is funded by the Brittany Region, the European Union (ERDF), Rennes Métropole, ADEME and INRAE.

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Map of the ICOS sites in France (left) • Photography of the flux-tower site in Méjusseaumes (INRAE, Brittany) (right)

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