ELFE database

ELFE database

ELFE Database

The ELFE database, built by a consortium of research and development actors, contains more than 5,200 methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emission values extracted from 345 publications and associated metadata.

Its main objective is to produce emission factors of sets of management practices by summing the emissions from items in each set (e.g. buildings, grazing, storage, processing and spreading). The detailed information associated with each emission value, taken from the corresponding publication (farming system, climate conditions, measurement methods), makes it possible to select values based on criteria of farm representativeness or measurement quality and to produce emission factors adapted to users’ objectives.

  • Vigan, A., Hassouna, M., Guingand, N., Brame, C., Edouard, N., Eglin, T., Espagnol, S., Eugène, M., Génermont, S., Lagadec, S., Lorinquer, E., Loyon, L., Ponchant, P., Robin, P., 2019. Development of a Database to Collect Emission Values for Livestock Systems. Journal of Environmental Quality. http://doi.org/10.2134/jeq2019.01.0007
  • Hassouna, Melynda; Vigan Aurore; Guigand Nadine; Brame Coline; Edouard Nadège; Eglin Thomas; Espagnol Sandrine; Eugène Maguy; Génermont Sophie; Lagadec Solène; Lorinquer Elise; Loyon Laurence; Ponchant Paul; Robin Paul, 2019, "Database to collect emission values for livestock systems : ELFE database", https://doi.org/10.15454/MHJPYT, Portail Data INRAE, V1

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