Systems and Flows axis

The Systems and Flows axis

The scientific axis Systems and flows investigates elemental fluxes in agroecological crop- and animal-production systems. The objectives are to:

  • Quantify fluxes of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus (CNP) in all compartments of the agroecosystem, as well as the related environmental risks
  • Understand the effects of interactions among soils, plants, animals, farm waste and the environment, as well as the influence of biodiversity, on soil processes and CNP cycles.

The axis (20 people) brings together skills in agronomy, soil sciences, biogeochemistry.

Leaders: Chris Fléchard et Aurélia Michaud

The TNTBretagne2020 project

Update and regional application of TNT2 model in support to public policies on nitrogen pollution remediation »


The FERRI-DIG project

Guide to good practices for digestate spreading to maximise the agronomic value and minimise impacts on soil fertility


The DYMOMET project


Impact of organic-matter dynamics on availability of trace metals in soil


The METHA-BIOSOL project

Impact of digestates on the biological quality of agricultural soils


The MELS project

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems


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