DURAND Patrick

DURAND Patrick


Scientist at INRAE / SAS

Phone: (+33) 2 23 48 54 27

Email: patrick.durand@inrae.fr

Address: INRAE Centre Bretagne-Normandie, UMR SAS, 65 rue de St-Brieuc, CS 84215, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France

Field of expertise: Impact of agriculture on water quality and nitrogen cycle

Keywords: Hydrology, biogeochemistry, catchment science, catchment model


Current research topic

Integrated impacts of climate variations and agriculture activities on nutrient transfers in mesoscale temperate catchments

Current project

MARSTNT: Integrated modelling of climate variations effects on nitrate fluxes and macroalgae blooms in Brittany


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Humbert, G., Jaffrezic, A., Fovet, O., Gruau, G., Durand, P., 2015. Dry-season length and runoff control annual variability in stream DOC dynamics in a small, shallow groundwater-dominated agricultural watershed. Water Resources Research 51, 7860-7877. https://doi:10.1002/2015wr017336

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