The EFELE platform

The EFELE (SOERE PRO) experimental platform


Since 2012, the SAS research unit has managed the scientific and technical aspects of the EFELE experimental platform, which is part of SOERE PRO, the long-term observation and experimentation system for environmental research on organic waste products.

The EFELE system was designed to

  • supplement the national SOERE PRO system by setting up a site dedicated to studying effects of organic products from livestock farming
  • anticipate the emergence of new questions, the appearance of new products from livestock farming, such as digestates from methanisation, and changes in cropping systems
  • enable an integrated approach to changes in physical, chemical and biological properties of soils and the components of biodiversity (micro- and macro-fauna)

In concrete terms, EFELE consists of two agronomic trials in which effects of the factors “type of organic product” and “tillage method” are studied. Both trials are equipped with instruments to monitor water, air and soil quality. The crop rotation is a maize and wheat with an intercrop between them. A dense measurement and sampling strategy is implemented, with variable frequencies, from the infra-annual level to once every four years for “in-depth” soil assessments.

The EFELE system will be converted to a more agroecological, pesticide-free cropping system beginning in spring 2022.



Aerial photograph of the EFELE site (Le Rheu, Ille-et-Vilaine department, France)


Instruments at the EFELE site

Equipment at the EFELE site: automated chambers for measuring greenhouse gas emissions, lysimeters, and sensors for measuring soil water, pore pressure and temperature.

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