RUIZ Laurent

RUIZ Laurent


Scientist at INRAE / SAS

Phone: (+33) 2 23 48 52 48 


Address: Indo-French Cell of Water Science, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, India

Fields of expertise: agronomy, hydrology

Keywords: catchment hydrology, Critical Zone science, agro-ecosystems, diffuse pollutions, modelling


My research interest is to understand and model at the catchment scale interactions between water resources and climatic and anthropogenic forcings, especially agriculture. I explore how multidisciplinary approaches, spanning hydrology, agronomy, geochemistry, remote sensing and social sciences, can help to design better management of water and nutrient cycles in agro-ecosystems.
My work relies primarily on long-term observations carried out within Critical Zone Observatories in France (AgrHys) and India (M-TROPICS).

  • ATCHA : Accompanying The adaptation of irrigated agriculture to climate CHAnge (2017-2021)
  • CSIA : Transport and Transformation of Pesticides from an Indian agrosystem: Insights from Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (2018-2023)

  • Involved in research infrastructures: OZCAR-RI in France and eLTER-RI elsewhere in Europe
  • 2014-present: Associate Editor of Hydrological Sciences Journal (HSJ)
  • 2018-present: Co-chairman of the Indo-French Cell of Water Science CEFIRSE, IISc, Bangalore, India


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Chitra-Tarak R., Ruiz L., Dattaraja H. S., Kumar M.S.M., Riotte J., Suresh H. S., McMahon S.M., Sukumar R. (2018) The roots of the drought: Hydrology and water uptake strategies mediate forest-wide demographic response to precipitation. J. Ecol. 106, 1495–1507.

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Fovet O., Ruiz L., Faucheux M., Molénat J., Sekhar M., Vertès F., Aquilina L., Gascuel-Odoux C. and Durand P. (2015) Using long time series of agricultural-derived nitrates pollutions for estimating catchment transit times. Journal of Hydrology, 522, 603–617.

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