UMR SAS publications

UMR SAS publications

themes: "agriculture and LCA", "pedology and soil microbiology", "nitrogen emission" and "hydrology and water quality

  • UMR SAS researches interactions between agriculture and the environment, from the scale of a field or livestock building to that of a watershed or agricultural landscape. Our research focuses mainly on agricultural contexts with livestock systems. It concerns hydrological and biogeochemical cycles (nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus) in the water, soil and air compartments of the environment, dynamics of water and soil quality, multi-criteria evaluation of agricultural systems and the design of new systems. This collection includes all scientific publications of the unit before and since its establishment in 1999, as the Soil Science Laboratory of Rennes, the Agronomy Laboratory of Rennes-Quimper and, currently, the joint research unit “Soil, Agro and hydrosystem Spatialization” (SAS).


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